Using the services and finding the products “on-hold” (paid in advance by other consumers)

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Services offered by the network of shopkeepers

Wifi Wifi
Eau Water
Urgence Emergency
Toilettes Toilets
Appel national National Call
Lange Nappies
Recharge Charge your mobile
Premier soins 1st Aid kit
Impression Printing/Photocopy
Pain Piece of Bread
Outils Borrow some tools
Micro ondes Microwave
Consulter un livre Check a book
Laver des affaires Wash your clothes
Consulter un journal Check a newspaper
Invendu Unsold products
Information Information
Garde d'affaires Keep your luggage
Échantillon hygiène Hygiene sample products
Douche Shower
Discuter Have a talk
Affranchir un courrier Sending a letter
Échange de monnaie Change money
Allaitement Breast feeding

Products "on-hold"

Lunettes Glasses
Livre Book
Pressing Pressing
Échantillon d'hygiène Hygiene sample products
Douche Shower
Dessert Dessert
Coiffure Haircut
Tickets restos Ticket restaurant
Boissons chaudes Hot Drink
Nourriture pour animaux Pet food
Viennoiserie Pastry
Spectacle Show
Retouches Clothes alteration
Plat ou encas Meal or snack
How does it work ?

How does it work ?

In the “frequently asked questions”, you can find responses to your question on how to use small services in shops (accessing toilets, charging a phone), how to offer or consume a on-hold product (haircut, drink), how to join a urban initiative (community garden), or if you want to know where to meet us, how to get involve or to better understand La Cloche actions :

Le Carillon, a program of the association La Cloche, is a network of helpful shopkeepers that offer small services to people in need.
Le Carillon network seeks to enhance social connexion between local citizens, homeless people and shopkeepers. The exchanges of services surely aim at fulfilling primary needs (drinking, eating, health need), but they are mostly used as an excuse to create a durable connexion between people.

Shopkeepers, belonging to the network, are easily identifiable thanks to a system of stickers that they put on their shopfront that shows the services offered. 

Two types of services are being offered by shopkeepers : 
Free services accessible to everyone (using the toilet, charging a mobile, doing a phone call)
Products accessible with vouchers (food, hot drinks, haircut)

Each shopkeeper chooses the goods and services, he/she is willing to offer and the adequate stickers are put on his/her shopfront.
A list is encompassing the members of the network, their address and the products they propose. 

To access a free service accessible to everyone, you only need to show up to the member shop and nicely ask for the proposed service that you need. 
For example, if you see on the frontshop the sticker  “Using the toilets”, you can enter in the shop saying : “ Hello, I’ve just seen on your window that your a member of Le Carillon. May I use your toilets?”

For the most specific services such as accessing the 1st aid kit or getting sanitary samples, don’t hesitate to directly ask the shopkeeper which are the products you can get access.    

For products available with a voucher, you can directly give the voucher to the shopkeeper that will then give you the asked service/ product. 
However, if you don’t have any voucher, you shouldn’t ask to the shopkeeper for expensive products, indeed not all shopkeepers can afford to regularly give coffees and/or meals. 

If you see the shopkeeper being very busy, wait a little until he is free or contact his/her colleague. 

If you face some difficulties, you can leave us a message on the green line (free) at the or by mail at

You can ask our different partners to get a voucher by contacting them or directly going to see them. You can find the list encompassing all our partners here.

There is a wide range of shops in the network. Going from restaurants to bars, as well as libraries, jewelries, shoe shops, car washes…

Of course ! Friendship is at the core of the project !
Be aware not come too many at a time when there are already many people. it should not encroach on the shops activities that open their doors to us.
Moreover, going to a shop alone or with one person (for instance to present him/her Le Carillon) incites the creation of social links rather than going too many at a time in a shop.
Going alone to a shop or with a friend makes it easier to meet people … doesn’t it?

Children are the first one to be in need, they will always be welcome!
Be aware though : the carer is responsible so that the children don’t break anything or don’t bother the other clients by making too much noise.

Pets are often a pretext to meet with other people. However, some shops are not suitable for receiving animals. 
In general, it is better to first ask the owner if they accept animals or not. 

If you have any questions or if you face some difficulties with a shopkeeper, you can leave us a message on the green line (free) at the or by mail at

Les Clochettes are inclusive urban initiative (meaning anybody is welcome to participate). They can be gardening activities or street embellishment at specific time in link with the local inhabitants. These initiatives are mapped at the top of this page. You can go with the same behaviour and conditions than you would go in the shops of Le Carillon.